Why use Flex?

Flex Bemanning has the most important quality stamp in the industry, Revised Employer. This means that all our routines, contracts and working methods are quality assured by an external auditor and that NHO, Norway’s largest employer organization, has approved us. In addition, we are of course a member of StartBANK and approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.

We are also certified for the use of personality tools for recruitment and organizational development.

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Flex Bemanning

Flex Bemanning is an authorized recruitment and employment agency representing long experience in recruiting and staffing. ( From consultancy to agencies )We are recruiting to several industries such as construction, mechanical, office / administration, warehouse / logistics, electrical, sales and customer services.

Our employees are responsible for the entire “value chain”, ranging from searching for the right person in the right channels, for deployment and follow-up of the chosen candidate on the assignment. This means that you as a customer or candidate – have a contact point with us, which makes the close relationships we think is necessary for a fruitful cooperation relationship.




Bernt Færestrand
Bernt Færestrand Daglig leder | Oslo
Telefon: 977 95 700 bernt@flexbemanning.no
 Jan Ole Ormseth
Jan Ole Ormseth Partner/Deleier | Oslo
Telefon: 936 28 370 jan@flexbemanning.no
Alexander Dybvad
Alexander Dybvad Account Manager | Oslo
Telefon: 981 32 813 alexander@flexbemanning.no
Jacob Lindholm
Jacob LindholmPersonalkonsulent | Oslo
Telefon: 467 47 411 jacob@flexbemanning.no
Jon Vidar Wårum
Jon Vidar Wårum Daglig leder | Fosen
Telefon: 488 48 940 jon.vidar@flexbemanning.no
Vigdis Schei Wårum
Vigdis Schei WårumPersonalkonsulent | Fosen
Telefon: 46504438 vigdis@flexbemanning.no
Aina Dolmseth Larsen
Aina Dolmseth LarsenPersonalkonsulent | Fosen
Telefon: 911 34 169