Reference Customers
It is worth paying for professional assistance in the recruitment process!

Direct recruitment

Flex Bemanning has strong internship within recruitment. Our employees have been working on recruitment both in-house in major international companies, as well as at agencies for a number of years. We are certified for the use of test tools in the recruitment process, and we use all the means we can to minimize the risk of a costly mistake.

Our network within the industries we operate means that we often find the right candidate for your company without necessarily announcing the role externally. We set up our recruitment processes in line with each customer’s needs, and we always follow up with you as a customer and their newly employed, employee (s) to check that everything matches the expectations of both parties.

Rental of labor

Flex Bemanning stands ready to assist your company with a supplement to their permanent employees when the need for temporary workers should report. We have access to solid databases with available personnel at any time within the industries in which we operate, and can quickly fill their needs. We take care of everything practical in relation to any search, selection, employment contracts, wages etc. and also follow-up of the temporary workers on assignments in cooperation with you as a customer.

Our goal is to provide competent, motivated and satisfied temporary staff who become an integral part of their team and workplace for a shorter or longer period. Our crew prices are very nice, much thanks to how our organization is built up. However, this is never at the expense of the quality being delivered.